Krakow Arena is the biggest in Poland and one of the most modern in the world hall entertainment and sports venue. It is located only 4 km from the Main Square, in the picturesque surrounding of the Polish Aviators Park. It is also very well connected with the rest of the city. Our compound consists of two halls – a large one and a small one. The main hall is primarily a huge arena. Three levels of audience theatre, seating or standing on the court, the facility to freely configure the auditorium are the features that will meet the organisation requirements of any scale events. In convenient backstage amenities for athletes and performers, expanded multimedia systems, as well as good acoustics of the venue have already convinced many of those planning future events in Krakow. It is difficult to miss this venue while visiting Krakow. The attention is attracted by an unprecedented LED screen on the building elevation surrounding the external construction of the main hall of the length of more than 500 meters.


A multifunctional nature of the Krakow Arena allows to stage on its premises at least some dozen ​​disciplinesin the world championships. They include: badminton, boxing, curling, acrobaticand artistic gymnastics, hall football, hockey, basketball, track and field, figure skating, volleyball, handball, martial arts, extreme sports, tennis, table tennis, equestrian competitions, sportsdancing competitions. The advantages of the Krakow Arena are not only derived from its location, size and multifunctionality but also from the rich technical capabilities. Thanks to them, the application of the most advanced stage and multimedia systems during various events is possible as well as it will satisfy the spectators. The Krakow Arena is controlled with modern management systems. It is them that among others ensure the comfort of the events participants by maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity inside the hall. For most of the year, it is possible to maintain a constant ice rink. Only within a few hours – thanks to isolation panels and a proper surface – the arena can be transformed into a venue of contests of other indoor disciplines.


KrakowArena is a great place for the organization of sports competitions, but also concerts, exhibitions, congresses, trade fairs. It can also be a set of television, advertising production or greatperformances with the participation of thousands of spectators. Only a few halls offer such an advanced infrastructure; 15 thousand seats in the grandstands, as much as 9 thousand standing places on the court in front of the stage, with a total hall capacity of nearly 20 thousand people. Various needs of customers have been taken under consideration; conference rooms, restaurants, bars and more than 1.3 thousand parking lots these are backstage facilities of any prestigious artisticand business event. More than 500 places in separate sectors and comfortable loungesin the exclusive VIP Zone wait for VIP visitors.


The Krakow Area is also a small hall with an audience theatre for over 300 people. It can serve as a training hall or a rehearsal place during big events. It is perfect for the organization of smaller functions such as local teams sport competitions or private events. It is also a great place for an ice rink, gym or full-size handball field.