TAURON Arena Kraków

24 September, 2016


World-renowned artists Busta Rhymes and DJ Grand Master Flash to appear in TAURON Arena Kraków on Saturday 24th September 2016.

BURN Battle School Remixed will take place on the Saturday 24th September 2016 at TAURON Arena Kraków, headlined by multi-platinum selling recording artist, Grammy nominated and musical genius, Busta Rhymes, known worldwide for his hit records and extraordinary stage performances

At BURN’s celebration of street culture, fans will watch the world’s best b-boys, alongside local break-dancers, and live street art installations.  In addition, the event will feature an exclusive DJ set from one of hip-hop’s founding fathers Grand Master Flash and a performance from Poland’s very own O.S.T.R.

Fans can register for free tickets at http://battleschool.burn.com.

In a progression from previous events, fans will witness a showcase of an all-star B-Boy crew from around the world and a local Polish crew, hosted by BURN Battle School founder MC Vladee and host MC Trix. In addition, live illustration battles will take place on the arena floor, and the crowd will have the power to vote for the winner.

BURN Battle School Remixed will feature legendary hip-hop DJ, Grand Master Flash, who will play a classic set demonstrating his pioneering cutting and mixing live, and home grown multi platinum selling artist O.S.T.R , performing classic .

One of the most iconic artists from Hip Hop, Busta Rhymes is celebrating his 25th year in the industry and can’t wait to showcase his energy. “As an artist, when you perform live, you’re able to connect with an audience based on words, thoughts and feelings, and can embody this in its closest moment on stage. What BURN represent with Battle School Remixed is the core element and foundation that hip-hop’s principals and integrity was built on” – says Busta Rhymes.

To learn more about BURN Battle School’s celebration of street culture and to register for free tickets, visit  http://battleschool.burn.com.