Krakow, August 2014 – Shortly, Municipal Development Agency (ARM SA) will start procedures to find the main sponsor for Krakow Arena – the largest and most modern sport and event hall in Poland. The owner of Krakow Arena expects to know the winner of the contest which would include naming rights for the hall.

Municipal Development Agency is finishing preparation of the contest details and rules. All information about the process to make an offer will be available on our website and

The contest’s award will be naming rights for the largest and most modern sport-event hall which is currently named Krakow Arena. The process is based on adding the sponsor’s name to the object’s name for an agreed upon cost. The winner will have rights for an established time period.

Sponsors of this type of object are usually large corporations and the contract is signed for a number of years.

Having naming rights is a transaction that is positive for both sides. For sponsors, it is a way to build company reputation. Through purchasing the rights for an object, companies are seen as stable, modern and as those which are actively involved in the issues of local community. Owners of the naming rights are also benefiting from promoting their brand thanks to the visibility of it during all events organized at the arena.

For the owner of the building, this gives financial stability which allows for further development and building the profile of events and infrastructure. Through this, he gains prestige and is able to build its image as a professional arena which is vibrant with life year round.

Couple of factors is the decisive value of the naming rights: the image of the object and its media presence, the city/region’s potential, the size and the capabilities of the object, and the amount and variety of organized events. These are the most important factors which are taken into consideration when determining the value of contract. The consideration of long term benefits will also have to take into account these factors.

Despite the fact that Krakow Arena is functioning only since May of that year, it has already become well known not only in Poland. The object has many exciting and attractive events which have already occurred and has many more which will occur soon. At the opening, the Orchestra of the Beethoven Academy played under the baton of the well-known American conductor Erik Ochsner as a part of Pixar’s film music concert. On the 20th of June of the current year, the Polish volleyball team won at Krakow Arena match against Brazilian national team during World League tournament. At the end of June, the object hosted Marcin Gortat who played a showcase game with a team of celebrities. All of these events enjoyed immense popularity, judging by the full grandstands, each time filled with almost 15 thousands of spectators.

But the biggest events are still on the horizon. Very soon we will see the Hubert Wagner Volleyball Memorial and Volleyball World Championships, but also European Championships in Hand Ball in 2016, boxing matches and tennis tournaments which are just some of the many attractions for sports fans in the upcoming months. The concert calendar is packed with big events at the Krakow Arena. From upcoming November of year 2014, various artists will be hosting their concerts on Krakow Arena, such as Michael Bublé, Elton John, Slash, Bryan Adams, Ennio Morricone, Katy Perry and many other artists whose contracts are now being finalized.

The multi-functional nature of Krakow Arena is not the only thing that differentiates it from its competitors. This modern object – which was created to accommodate up to 17 disciplines of World Championships – has also a great business backup. Next to conference rooms and comfortable lounges/sky-boxes, which are located in the prestigious VIP area of Krakow Arena, this object is also perfectly prepared to organize fairs, large tradeshows, exhibitions and industry conferences.