25 MAY 2016



Belgian singer, LARA FABIAN (born January 9th, 1970), is a hugely successful artist, known for her incredible soprano voice that spans three octaves – will sing live for first time in Poland!

Fabian began her musical education at the age of eight when she started studying at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Apart from developing her vocal talent by taking classical voice training lessons she was inspired by such music artists like Barbara Streisand or the Queen.

After finishing her time at the school, Fabian entered a number of European competitions, winning several prizes. In 1988, she was invited to represent Luxembourg in the 33rd Eurovision Song Contest, which earned her a respectable fourth place, with the song “Croire (Trust)” selling 500,000 copies in Europe.

In 1990, she moved to Montreal, Canada, setting her own publishing company, Productions Clandestines, with her friend Rick Allison. Fabian found success straight away, with her self-titled debut album, which sold well in French-speaking Canada. Relentless touring helped bolster her popularity and upon the release of “Carpe Diem” in 1994, she achieved a breakthrough hit, with the record becoming certified triple-Platinum the following year. Her third album, “Pure” was to be the record that garnered Fabian international stardom and mainstream success, selling two million copies in France.

Soon after, Fabian looked to create an English language record, with the self-titled release in 1999 expanding her popularity to new heights. The record debuted at number one on the US Billboard Album Chart, reaching number one in France and number two in Belgium. From there on, Lara Fabian has cemented her global popularity, recording a further eight albums, as well as four live albums, that have sold an incredible 20 million records worldwide. As well as French and English, she has also recorded music in several different languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, German and Greek.

She sings with so much passion which warms the room as she brings an endearing level of intimacy. There is elegance and grace about her as she connects with the audience, who have been avidly following her career from the beginning. Easily wandering through various musical styles from ballads to more popular songs, she really demonstrates her incredible versatile vocal capabilities. With her fascinating personality and incredibe charisma, Lara Fabian always puts on a truly magical show.

Throughout her career, Lara Fabian has won a huge number of awards. She has won five Félix awards and five Juno Awards and is widely regarded as the most successful Belgianborn female artist of all time.

In Poland Lara Fabian will give three concerts: 23 May 2016 HalaTorwar – Warszawa; 25 May 2016 Tauron Arena Kraków, 26 May 2016 Hala Stulecia – Wrocław.

Tickets are on sale now on www.eventim.pl