18th June 2016

After 11 years of absence in Poland – Popek, the most popular Youtube artist in the country, comes back to the city where his career has begun.  On 18th June he is going to perform his “welcome” concert “Return of the King”.

With over 100 million views of his videos this year and “platinum” sales of his last album, he is undoubtedly a celebrity number one on the local hip hop scene.

Popek, who calls himself “The King Of Albania”, left Poland for UK and Has lived in London for the past 11 years.

Popek is comprised of controversies. He covered his body with tattoos, including his eyeballs, and disfigured his face. He looks like a sort of a horror cartoon character. On the other hand he comes up with hits about loving and forgiving like “Każdy z Nas”, which has nearly 30 000 000 views and is top played track by all of the main radio stations.

He will appear in TAURON Arena Krakow with his friends: Matheo, Sokół & Marysia, Sobota, Wini, Rena, Gang Albanii, Bosski / Drużyna Mistrzów, Tadek Firma.

There will be also a special audio-video showcase performed by DMC Visual DJ World Champion – Deejay Irie from Holland. Irie is going to use turntables to mix his videos live on the stage.

More information: http://www.powrotkrola.pl/