There is still a chance to watch live the battle of Polish players with the representation of Brazil on June 20 in Krakow as part of the of the World League. As part of the “Summer with Volleyball” project, the Krakow Arena offers the fans tickets to, among others, this remarkable event together with a possibility to rent VIP lounges and to participate in all important volleyball matches played this year in Krakow while in comfortable conditions.

Volleyballfanshave been waiting long for the start of ticket sales foroneof the hottestsporting events of this summer. The lot of ticketssold by thePolishVolleyball Federationthrough the website Ticketprosold out” instantly. Thousands of fanswho hopedto participate inthis eventin the most modernand the largestsports and entertainment hallin Poland, feltunsatisfied.

However, the Krakow Arena has good news for the most loyal fans of volleyball. Agencja Rozwoju Miasta, the owner of the hall, prepared a package called “Summer with Volleyball” that includes the admission to the Poland-Brazil match on June 20 this year, this year edition of Hubert Wagner Memorial games as well as all the matches that will be played in Krakow in September as part of the World Cup.

Packages buyers willwatchmatchesfrom the Krakow Arena VIP lounges that consist of luxuryroomsoverlookingthe pitchand comfortableseats in front oflounges with the bestvisibility in the whole facility. As part of the package, the fans not only will be able to watch in the volleyball events in a separate section but also will be provided with catering, professional services and additional attractions not available to purchasersof ordinarytickets. Thispackagealso covers a dedicated parking space, the access to the premises24 hours aday for a period of threemonths andthe right to priority purchase of tickets for other events in the Krakow Arena. The VIP lounges are approx. 40 sq. m. rooms with a bathroom, overlooking themainarena as well as premiumseatsin the audience theatre for a dozen people.

The offer of the Krakow Arena is addressed mainly to companies that are interested to rent all rooms.

The “Summer with Volleyball” package is also an answer to the needs of friends who can now rent the lounge together for a series of volleyball events.

Any question on the rental of the lounges should be addressed to:,

or by phone to: Ewa Nowakowska 0-739 455 560


The Krakow Arena is the biggest in Poland and one of the most modern hall sport and entertainment facility, managed by Agencja Rozwoju Miasta. Only a few halls can offer such highly developed infrastructure; 15 thousand seats in grandstands, ultimately as many as 9 thousand standing place on the court by the stage with a total capacity of near 20 thousand people. A multifunctional nature of the Krakow Arenaallows to stage huge and complex performances. But also at leastsome dozen ​​disciplinesof the worldchampionships level can be played there. They include:badminton, boxing, curling, acrobaticand artisticgymnastics, hall football, hockey, basketball, track and field, figure skating, volleyball, handball, martial arts, extreme sports, tennis, table tennis, equestrian competitions, sportsdancing competitions. The facility has also the biggest of this type LED screen in the world. It is 500 meters long and surrounds the elevation of the main hall.