World Youth Day in TAURON Arena Kraków

31st July 2016

It is going to be a special day for all the volunteers taking part in the World Youth Day – on Sunday, 31st July, Pope Francis will meet them in TAURON Arena Kraków. The event is aimed to express thanks to those who, by their service, enable the pilgrims coming to Kraków participation in the Central Events of WYD.

The meeting with the Holy Father is on Sunday (31st July) at 5 p.m. but from 2 p.m. already a special artistic programme starts in TAURON Arena Kraków. The programme of the whole event is divided into two parts: the first is to be the time of summing up the last dozen or so months of preparation to the Holiday of the Young which would not have been possible if not for the participation of the volunteers. It is going to be conducted by three young people involved in a long-term voluntary service and the programme Voluntary Service Plus.

The second part of the meeting is going to take place with the presence of the Holy Father. It will be conducted by Bishop Damian Muskus and Fr. Rafał Buzała – the chief of the voluntary service section of the Organisational Committee of WYD. During this part Pope Francis is going to make a speech addressed to the volunteers.

The music part of the event will be performed by a Christian choir, Gospel Rain, and a music-family duo, Golec uOrkiestra. Apart from the concert part, there are also going to be witnesses of the young both from Poland and other countries and presentations prepared by the Film Section of the Voluntary Service.

A Thank-you to the volunteers

The event is dedicated both to the short-term volunteers from Poland and abroad and those involved in the parishes all over the Krakow Archdiocese.  The organisers of each edition of World Youth Day bother to make it possible to the volunteers to participate in at least one meeting with the Holy Father during the week of Central Events. Sunday meeting is going to be an acknowledgement for their effort, readiness and heart put in their service.

After the meeting in TAURON Arena Kraków, the Holy Father is going to Krakow Airport and then to Rome.

Good to know

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