Hackyeah – Hackathon

28-29 October, 2017

HackYeah! – world’s biggest stationary hackathon gathering participants from CEE region. Such unique meeting deserves an exceptional venue – TAURON Arena Kraków, where only grand, loud and media visible events take place!

We invite you to join the supreme circle of leaders of IT world, who will become a part of the event that is unique on a worldwide scale!

HackYeah will be a place where employers and potential employees will meet in person. Companies will test the abilities of employees thanks to specific tasks and the participants will have a chance to receive profitable job offers – and mind-blowing prizes too!

Join HackYeah, take on the chosen task and take up the challenge to be become widely proclaimed as the best IT team in the world! All that in the festival center of Krakow!

More information: http://hackyeah.pl/#page-top



tel.: +48 733 376 080

Weronika Plata