International TV Series Gala

May 30, 2015, 8 pm, TAURON Arena Kraków

International TV Series Gala

The Krakow Film Music Festival public has been waiting for this concert for
years! The busiest composers in show business are those who create for the
television screen and that is why welcoming the composers to Krakow is such
a special event. A gala that will feature music from the greatest TV shows
is bound to excite and impress. On the roster: Game of Thrones, The Borgias
and Vikings.

Ramin Djawadi will visit Poland for the first time. Djawadi is the composer
of music for films like Equilibrium, Iron Man, Clash of the Titans, the
video game Medal of Honor, as well as the high-profile TV series: Prison
Break and Game of Thrones. The latter HBO title brought Djawadi particular
esteem. It is one of the most recognizable musical themes of the last
decade: the cello-heavy main theme for the hit show has been reinterpreted
in an infinite number of ways and musical styles. Especially for the
festival, Djawadi is creating a suite which will have its world premiere in
Krakow. It will connect all seasons of the show, freely mixing genres and
drawing inspiration from the George R. R. Martin saga A Song of Ice and

We can expect a colorful array of musical genres inspired by music from the
Middle Ages and Renaissance, as well as an alluring portrayal of the Stark
and Lannister clans – says Piaskowski in anticipation of the premiere.

After two years, Trevor Morris, the great composer of music for television
productions, movies and video games, returns to Krakow FMF. Morris is the
creator of some of the most famous soundtracks, including The Borgias and
The Tudors as well as the film Immortals. Gods and Heros. Another great
title and a continuation of the collaboration with writer and producer
Michael Hirst is the History Channel series – Vikings. This is a very
precise reconstruction of the history, scenery, beliefs and customs of
Scandinavia, which Morris illustrates musically by combining symphonic and
electronic music with ethnic sounds. During the Gala we will hear the world
premiere of a suite from Vikings. Einar Selvik, founder of the band Wardruna
that performs folk and ambient music inspired by Nordic shamanism, will
perform as a special guest of the concert.

Morris and Djawadi are the first guests of the International TV Series Gala.
Subsequent composers and soloists will be revealed live on radio RMF
Classic. The international roster of artists, as well as the Beethoven
Academy Orchestra and the Polish Radio Choir will perform under the baton of
Diego Navarro, a conductor and composer beloved by Krakow FMF audiences.


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