3Rd Pzu Cracovia Royal Half Marathon

3rd PZU Cracovia Royal Half Marathon

On 16 October 2016, the 3rd PZU Cracovia Royal Half Marathon will be held. Just like in the previous edition of the event, the finish will be located at TAURON Arena Kraków!

Running the distance of 21 km and 97.5 m in Krakow will be excellent closing of the runner’s season. The 3rd PZU Cracovia Royal Half Marathon is intended also for those runners who do not feel strong enough to run the full marathon distance and therefore do not decide to participate in the 15th PZU Cracovia Marathon. The event will give them a chance to face a long route among historical monuments and picturesque streets of Krakow.

The 3rd Cracovia Royal Half-Marathon is organized by the Municipality of Krakow – Sports Infrastructure Management Board of Krakow. Partner: the Municipal Development Agency, the public company of the City of Krakow.

More information: www.zis.krakow.pl.

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